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Need help doing more, doing it better, and optimizing your resources? Since 2007 we have been helping schools and districts do exactly that.

Education budgets are always tight and, with the current economic climate, are now even tighter. Balancing resources and needs has become a critical survival skill for district Board members and school administrators.

An experienced, independent analysis could provide answers to the complex decisions your organization is facing. Performance reviews give you a chance to assess operations from top to bottom, in just one department or many. Whatever your need, Prismatic Services is ready to work with you.

One advantage comprehensive performance reviews have over single-topic reviews is that we can often find ways to improve operations between departments and functional areas. Inefficiency in one area may be due to an impediment from another area. Prismatic can help you find those problems, bring everyone to the table, and map out a more efficient route through the work process.

Why Prismatic is Right for Your Project:

• Our focus has always been on serving the preK-12 education market — unlike other firms, we do not consult in any other sectors.
• We bring a team that has been there, not one stacked with academics, grad students, interns, or new college graduates.

• We know how to apply industry standards, key performance indicators, rules of thumb, and best practices intelligently, not blindly.

• We can provide you with an analysis and recommendations for improvement that you will use.

In addition to performance reviews contracted with individual districts, we have completed work under a number of state-run school review programs.

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