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Stakeholder Surveys

Stakeholder Surveys

Surveys are a versatile and valuable tool for the school leader who wants to stay in touch with stakeholder attitudes. We use surveys in almost every project we undertake, as they often provide a wealth of opinion and information not available through any other method. Most school districts rarely survey teachers or parents, and then only on select issues. Few school districts survey students and parents at all.

Prismatic Services has used surveys as part of nearly every project we’ve done. We’ve also provided standalone survey services. In particular, we recommend that districts complete regular school climate surveys.

Research has shown that perceptions about school climate impact teacher morale and student achievement. Taking the pulse of stakeholder sentiment several times a year is one of the best ways to assess whether your school climate is a positive one.

Have your own survey questions? No problem. We can incorporate your instruments into our confidential, on-line survey system. And, by responding to Prismatic as an independent third-party, your stakeholders are more likely to reveal how they truly feel on the issues of the day. Want to do a survey but lack the instruments? We can provide you with a bank of questions we have used in previous projects and help you build the survey instruments that meet your needs.

If you are not sure how your stakeholders feel, Prismatic Services Inc. can help. Let us design, administer, and interpret your survey soon!

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