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Research has shown that students and teachers alike perform better in diverse classrooms. However, recent data shows a worrying trend – racially and socioeconomically segregated schools are on the rise – and are becoming more isolated.

Local, regional, and national events have made it clear that districts need to take a closer look at their operations and examine their success – and shortcomings – in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in their organization.

Your school district might be among them.

An important step in supporting systemic change is an equity-based audit that will measure district strengths and areas for improvement in specific DEI-related categories.

Since 2007, Prismatic has been working exclusively with schools and school districts to assess and analyze data, evaluate performance, produce final reports, and set districts up for success in implementing our findings and recommendations.

Education budgets are always tight. With the current economic climate, these budgets are now even tighter. Balancing resources with needs has become a critical survival skill for district Board members and school administrators.

An experienced, independent analysis could provide answers to the complex questions your organization is facing. While we recommend a comprehensive audit, to get a better picture of the current state of the organization, we can also perform specific area or departmental reviews. Whatever your needs, Prismatic Services is ready to work with you.

Prismatic’s Stance on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

  • We believe that every organization has the obligation to examine their policies, procedures, practices, and culture to ensure it meets the needs of its members and centers the experiences of those who have been historically marginalized.
  • We believe that our community is only as strong as our weakest member. When one member of our community suffers, we are all impacted. Building up our strength starts with empowering others.
  • We believe that we must attain a system that is anti-racist, equitable for all students, embraces diversity and supports inclusion in every possible area. As educators, we have a responsibility to be the voices and leaders for change in that new system.
  • We believe in empowering students, staff, and communities to have their voices heard and experiences taken into account. We want everyone to feel important, included, and recognized, regardless of our differences.

This is What You Will Gain from Our Targeted Approach to DEI:

  • Specialized and personalized consulting. Our focus has always been on serving the preK-12 education market — unlike other firms, we do not consult in any other sectors. We work with you to improve processes and decrease costs without sacrificing quality and empathetic education.
  • A diverse group of professionals who will help you achieve your school’s goals. Our global background helps you understand different options. We show you how to implement best practices across diverse groups and individuals.
  • Reassurance and confidence because we know how to apply industry standards, key performance indicators, rules of thumb, and best practices intelligently, not blindly. We are a data based firm, ready to go in depth for your cause.
  • In depth analysis using the latest tools and best practices. Top research and workable recommendations from a professional consulting group that serves as references to the education industry in diverse areas.

We are ready to get to work and offer clear advice and recommendations that you will know how to implement — without the guesswork.

Prismatic’s team has over 70 years of experience driving change in the educational system. We have over 30 years providing consulting services to districts that want to be at the forefront of those changes.

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