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Got a program? We can evaluate it.

Afraid of what we might find? Don’t be. Not only do we not bite, but we do not see program evaluation as a fault-finding exercise. We see it as an opportunity to work with a program to truly understand its implementation, its challenges, and its successes.

In our evaluations, we work with clients in all phases of their program, from beginning to end. We maintain our independence, but do not see that as a barrier to providing our clients support in making their programs successful.

We design evaluations in a form-follows-function manner, recognizing that many possible designs can likely be employed. We also place a high value on utilization-focused evaluation. Why evaluate if the results are not used to improve the program?

We believe you will not find another firm that works as hard as we do to help our client programs be as successful as possible. We focus on personalized service for each and every client, no matter the size of our contract, and we know how crucial it is for all of us to support students. Time and again, clients tell us, after working with only mildly interested university professors or with firms without hardcore quantitative skills, that we bring to the table exactly what they need from their evaluations to help them and their programs be successful.

Got a grant-funded program? We can evaluate it.

Accountability is big with grantors, whether Federal, state, or local. They want to know that money spent on a program has had measurable results. This is especially true at the federal level — GPRA requires federal agencies to manage activities with attention to explicit outcomes. For federally funding programs, this means evaluations matter. We can help you navigate the labyrinth of GPRA, formative and summative evaluation, survey-based data collection, reporting requirements, and more.

We have been working with some educational programs for more than a decade, supporting them with annual evaluations and data analyses. We are pleased that all of our evaluation clients with ongoing funding chose to renew with us this year!

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