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Prismatic’s Vision

In everything we do, Prismatic Services remembers that the ultimate goal of Pre-K-12 consulting is serving children. Improving the services school districts provide, helping grant-funded support programs improve, finding more dollars to channel to classrooms – all of our work is driven by a passion for improving the lives and education of students.

Rapid Reviews

Prismatic Operations Solutions and Support Rapid Review (PROPSS)

We want to help your department’s operation be better, starting from where it is right now. We’ve provided consulting services for school districts across the county. Along the way, we’ve learned that sometimes a large-scale review either isn’t in the budget or isn’t necessary.
We offer Rapid Reviews in the following areas:

  • Food Services
  • Transportation
  • Facilities

Consulting Services

Need an area of your support services operations analyzed? Prismatic Services focuses on the operational and support programs that make schools and districts successful. We do everything in the support services arena, but here is some more information on a few areas…
Food Services


Program Evaluations

Operational Reviews

Stakeholder Surveys

Meet Our Founder

Tatia Prieto, Ed.D., MBA, PMP

During her more than 20 years of experience in education consulting, Dr. Tatia Prieto has assisted districts – ranging in size from 112 to 740,000 students – in 31 states. She believes in meeting districts where they are and helping them set attainable goals based on data analysis, stakeholder input, and industry best practices.

Before launching her own firm, Tatia held leadership positions in two nationally-known K-12 consulting firms. After watching those firms charge exorbitant rates and improperly staff projects, Tatia decided schools, school districts, and K-12 programs deserved a better option.

Prismatic was born.

Tatia specializes in making data talk in ways that support action and drive change. Often, clients don’t need more data, they are drowning in data. What they need is operational insight from those data. That’s where Tatia lives.

Tatia holds an MBA in operations from The University of Texas at Austin and a doctorate in Education Leadership from the University of North Carolina Charlotte. She is a Project Management Professional (PMP) and maintains membership in the American Evaluation Association.

Proven Success

Where We’ve Helped

We have worked with more than 200 school districts and education agencies across the country. Our clients have ranged from 700,000 in student enrollment to just 109. We’ve travelled via bush plane in Alaska, eaten gas station pizza in Oklahoma, and survived mudslides in Colorado, all for our clients.

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