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School buildings and grounds are the stage for teaching and learning. As such, they must be many things: well-planned and designed, not crowded, clean, well-illuminated, acoustically ideal, energy-efficient, safe, and secure.

To support their facilities, districts need to do many things:

  • follow preventive maintenance protocols;
  • update their facilities master plan every five to 10 years, including a condition inventory and detailed plans for building replacement, additions,renovations, and new construction;
  • ensure school budgets for facilities reflect realistic costs of annual operations, maintenance, and future costs.
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Prismatic Services has more than 70 years of combined experience to assist you in developing cost-effective and efficient preventive maintenance protocols, in developing or updating a master plan, and reducing facility operating costs. We can help plan for future contingencies without jeopardizing student and staff safety or comfort. We have the “know-how” to ensure your district is managing its facilities to the benefit of the students, staff, and community. Stuck in some area of facilities? We can help.

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