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Custom School Websites

Custom School Websites

Let’s cut to the chase here – with changes in E-Rate eligibility, you now have to use general funds to pay for your district’s website. Undoubtedly, you are paying too much.

We can offer you something better – cutting-edge websites that follow the latest trends in web development at low cost. We build websites that are:

  • Engaging
  • Well Designed
  • Easy to Navigate and
  • Designed for Mobile

You might be asking, why is this offer different from others? Not only will we design a beautiful, functional website for your school or district, but we will also provide the maintenance and updates necessary to keep the website relevant to its users: students, staff, parents, and visitors. We won’t offer to train someone in your staff for a couple hours and then abandon them to make all the changes and updates for years to come. We offer you a complete, headache-free solution with no need to have someone on staff committed to the website.

With Prismatic Services, no one in your district needs to do it; we do it for you! Shoot us an email or fill an online form and… done, your changes will happen in the next 24 to 48 hours. It doesn’t get easier than that! Oh, did we mention that our cost is one of the lowest you can get? With our web services you get:


  • a smooth transition from your current website – we will build your website, not give you more work.
  • hosting and management – that’s tech stuff you won’t need to worry about any more.
  • easy updates – fill a form or email us and we make the changes for you! 
  • a responsive website or mobile app – so your parents and students can stay connected on the go.
  • banner messaging for the website – just drop us a note to let us know what to push.
  • connection with your other social media – why post things twice?
  • website services you can afford – $500 setup fee, then just $150 month, no contract, no hassle

The websites we offer adapt to and can be correctly viewed on laptops, desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.

Even better, our websites come with no strings attached. We will create your website and charge a monthly fee that will be less than what your school or district is already paying. We require no long-term contracts with huge exit fees; if you are not satisfied with our work, simply let us know with 30 days’ notice, and the contract will expire.

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