Consulting Team

Donna Wittrock, M.A., SNS

Donna worked in Denver Public Schools and served as executive director of Food and Nutrition Services. She was responsible for a staff of 550 who served 45,000 meals per day. Under her direction a deficit of $1 million turned into a positive bottom line in 1.5 years. Donna is a past president of the Colorado and national School Nutrition Association (SNA) and has received both the Silver Plate Award by the International Foodservice Manufacturer’s Association (IFMA) as well as the FAME Silver Leadership Award. She has served as an instructor for the National Foodservice Management Institute (NFSMI) specializing in financial management. Her work with Prismatic includes reviews with an emphasis on food service and performance management.

Donna holds a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Minnesota. She is also certified as a School Nutrition Specialist with SNA.

Augustine Pescatore

Augustine’s experience in law enforcement spans more than 40 years and includes work in the municipal, private, and public education sectors. He began his career with 10 years as a police officer in the City of Philadelphia and is now in his second decade as Commander of South ROC, for the Office of School Safety. The School District of Philadelphia is the 8th largest district in the nation and he previously served as Commander of the district’s Support Services Division within the Police Department. There, he is responsible for Investigations, Fire Safety, CCTV/Alarm Systems, Communications and Incident Report Units, supervising a total of 28 personnel. As the South ROC Commander he oversees 130 schools and 175 School Police personnel.

Augustine is currently Chairman of the National Association School Safety and Law Enforcement Officers (NASSLEO). He has earned numerous certifications in areas of specialized training and served as a trainer for the US Department of State and the School District of Philadelphia.


Paul Tate, M.Ed.

Paul developed his awareness for understaffed and overworked educational service environments early in his career. He is an expert in education administration, teacher staffing and performance, and is also a licensed mediator in alternative dispute resolution. He worked in central administration with curriculum design and auditing, in professional development, site-based decision making, the DuPont leadership development process, and total quality control. With Prismatic, he analyses organizational structure, optimization of teacher scheduling and performance, and teacher-student ratios.

He holds a Master in Education degree from Auburn University and a Bachelor in Arts degree from Troy University.

Jerry Williams, B.S., CPA

Jerry directed the development of the first zero-based budget for a major state agency and developed a new monitoring system for cost reimbursements. He performed financial assessments for county business processes and made policy recommendations that furthered compliance with government accounting standards. With Prismatic, he advises school districts on such topics as best practices in purchasing and financial operations, identifying cost savings, and asset management and risk analyses.

He is a Certified Public Accountant by the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Tarleton State University.


Bob Holdredge, MBA

Bob’s advisory role with school districts on facilities use and emergency management spans over two decades. A former U.S. Navy Commander, he developed a unique niche in emergency preparedness in response to real-world situations. His expertise includes construction feasibility analyses and safety and security reviews. One study led to developing a master plan for a school district with more than 30 facilities. It was a prototype master plan for future construction. His previous positions include Director of Facilities Engineering & Maintenance and Emergency Manager for a major state hospital.

Bob has an MBA and a Master of Health Science from the University of Florida, a Master’s Certificate in Facilities Management from Michigan State University, and a Graduate Certificate in Emergency Management from Florida State University.

Loretta Schmidt, M.Ed.

Loretta has consistently demonstrated her commitment to efficiently ran schools and curriculums. She is a former Area Coordinator for Oklahoma State Department of Education and former Director of Curriculum and Instruction. Her positive influence on urban and rural school districts has helped to improve instructional delivery and student success on multiple levels. With Prismatic, her prime focus is the effectiveness of districts to deliver quality instruction.

Loretta holds a Doctorate of Education degree from the University of Oklahoma, a Master of Education degree from Southwestern Oklahoma State University, and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of California.

Tom Martineau, M. Arch., R.A., LEED AP

Tom is a licensed, registered architect, and a LEED Accredited Professional. He began his career in 1966 as a Research Associate with the New York State University Construction Fund, and retired from Florida A&M University as Professor Emeritus in 2012. With Prismatic, he advises school districts nationwide on such topics as facilities planning and management, maintenance, and operations. He is the sworn enemy of deferred maintenance, and a strong advocate of informed, efficient and effective spending on school facilities.

He holds a Master of Architecture degree from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 

Carl Glencross, B.S.

Carl was past president of the statewide and metro area associations for Pupil Transportation in Oklahoma. He served in the public schools as Director of Operations for a metropolitan school district. He co-authored a study with the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments to reduce emission by reducing idle buses. With Prismatic, he performs school district effectiveness on transportation operations reviews.

Carl holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Oklahoma State University.


Corey Duber

Corey’s law enforcement career spanned 23 years, where he served at the local, state, and Federal levels. He received numerous awards, including Rookie Police Officer of the Year in Dallas and DEA Agent of the Year. Upon retirement, Corey served for six years as the Chief of Security for Wake County Public School System (NC), one of the largest districts in the nation, where he was responsible for the safety of 120,000 students, 23,000 employees, and 126 schools.

Corey has published safety/security articles for school-based publications and the US DOE. He was also instrumental in the development of school crisis planning for the US DOE and a member of the Columbine High School shooting reconstruction team. He is a frequent guest lecturer for safety organizations, including the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.

Courtney Lockridge, MBA, Ph.D.

Courtney is a natural collaborator in her field working with school districts, education service centers and state agencies to further student achievement. She designs curriculum, develops tools for district curriculum alignment, and manages a one-to-one technology environment within her school district. Her expertise helps districts plan and implement best practices under technological and federal initiatives that include No Child Left Behind; Common Core Standards and the Oklahoma Academic Standards; Race to the Top; and the Investing in Innovation Fund (i3).  Courtney has broad service on local, state, and national grant and peer review teams.

Courtney holds a Doctorate of Education degree from the University of Oklahoma and a MBA degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Gary Greenhill, M.S.

Gary’s track record shows a proven commitment to public schools in Oklahoma. He manages transportation operations for 19 schools and provides expert advice on management operations. His other leadership roles include Past President of the Oklahoma Association for Pupil Transportation and Tulsa Metro Area and Northwest Area Director for the Oklahoma Associations for Pupil Transportation. Gary is also an instructor for the State School Bus Driver Certification Program and issued a policy manual that improved efficiency of transportation service and operations.

Gary holds a Master of Science degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree both from Southern Nazarene University.

Gary Gerber, Ed.D.

Gary has unquestionably improved leadership performance in Oklahoma school districts. His direct involvement with community organizations brought positive energy that led to establishing leadership councils and opening a new school. His work with Prismatic involves providing districts with recommendations that can assist them with meeting long- and short-range planning objectives through improved internal and external communications.

Gary holds a Ph.D. degree, a Master of Education degree, and a Bachelor of Science degree all from Oklahoma State University.

Connie Rozier, B.A.

Connie left an indelible mark on public school administration in Alabama. She helped districts upgrade to 21st century advancements in administrative technology. Throughout the development and implementation cycle she provided technical support to programmers, administrators, and users. In previous private sector positions, Connie performed work as an intermediary to system developers and users on system migrations and enhancements. Her focus on Prismatic projects is planning and efficiency of technology infrastructure.

Connie holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Fisk University.


Marilyn Moody, M.S., SNS

As evidenced by the USDA Best Practice Award, the HealthierUS School Challenge Bronze and Silver Awards, and the Thelma Flanagan Gold Award, Marilyn has led with merit in all aspects of nutrition programs from food production and service to storage, sanitation, and safety. She has served as a vocational teacher, clinical nutritionist, and contributing author to the School Nutrition Association state and national magazines. Her work with Prismatic has been school district performance reviews with a focus on food service and administration.

Marilyn holds a Master of Science degree and Bachelor of Science degree both from East Carolina University. She is also a certified School Nutrition Specialist.


Vincent Ashley, M.A.

Vincent is a proven leader who served worldwide in the U.S. Army. AS an officer, he specialized in personnel transportation services, managing maintenance of large fleets, and creating transportation schedules for more than 5,000 personnel. After his military retirement he applied his leadership skills in school districts, specifically in the school transportation departments of a number of Virginia school districts. He served as director of transportation in Richmond Public Schools, which serves more than 20,000 students. With Prismatic, he has reviewed school district transportation operations in several states, including Virginia and Texas.

Vincent holds a Master of Arts degree from Webster University and a Bachelor of Science degree from Norfolk State University.

Diana Leggett, M.Ed., SPHR

Diana’s extensive career spans four school districts, three universities, and three other public organizations. She has served K-12 students as a teacher, principal, and district administrator. Her service has been marked by her dedication to innovation and continuous improvement – she has led school improvement initiatives, professional development programs, and curriculum redesigns. She has presented to national organizations on various facets of collaboration as a means to improving education outcomes. With Prismatic, Diana has reviewed leadership, governance, organization, personnel management, communications, and professional development for districts in several states, including Oklahoma and Texas.

Diana holds both a Master of Education degree and Bachelor of Science degree from East Texas State University.