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School district budgets are always tight and, with the current economic climate, are now even tighter. Balancing resources and needs has become a critical survival skill for district Board members and administrators. An experienced, independent analysis could provide answers to the complex decisions your district is facing.

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Studies show that hungry students cannot focus on learning. Often, school meals are a student’s only chance for adequate nutrition, so this function is critically important. School districts must meet this critical need with operational excellence, so that food services does not drain General Funds. Call us first! Outsourcing is not always the value it seems.

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School buildings and grounds are the stage for teaching and learning. As such, they must be many things: well-planned and designed, not crowded, clean, well-illuminated, acoustically ideal, energy-efficient, safe, and secure.

Districts need to follow maintenance protocols, update and evaluate master plan every 5-10 years, etc.

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Safety / Security

The school environment of today is fundamentally different from even a decade ago. Dangerous situations can arise from students and complete strangers. We can help you determine whether your district is doing everything it can.

We have performed Vulnerability Assessments on dozens of campuses.

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Like most support services, when transportation is working well, it's hardly noticed. When it isn't working well, students face bus bullies, buses arrive too late for school breakfast, and bus driver turnover is sky-high. We have helped many districts tame their transportation monsters and can help you.

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Accountability is big with grantors, whether Federal, state, or local. They want to know that money spent on a program has had measurable results. This is where effective evaluation comes in. We can help with all your formative, summative, and longitudinal evaluation needs. We especially love complex, highly statistical randomized control trial evaluations – the gold standard in evaluation today.

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Prismatic Services focuses on the operational and support programs that make schools and districts successful. We do everything in the support services arena and we can help you with your operational issues in all areas. There is so much more we can do for your district than can be summed up here.

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Sometimes you don’t need a full consulting project. We understand. Maybe you just need a point toward a resource and you’ll be able to tackle your project on your own. We have lots of resources and we’d love to share them with you. So, if you have a question, fire way.

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