Grant Evaluations

Accountability is big with grantors, whether Federal, state, or local. They want to know that money spent on a program has had measurable results. This is especially true now at the Federal level, as a result of the Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA). GPRA requires Federal agencies to manage activities with attention to explicit outcomes. This means that grants funded by the US Department of Education now require more complex evaluations in order to secure continued funding.

Prismatic Services can help you navigate the labyrinth of GPRA, formative and summative evaluation, survey-based data collection, reporting requirements, and more. We see program evaluation not as a fault-finding exercise, but as an opportunity to work in-depth with a program to truly understand its implementation, its challenges, and its successes. In our evaluation process we work with clients in all phases of their program, from beginning to end. We maintain our independence, but do not see that as a barrier to providing our clients active support in making their program successful.

We have been working with some educational programs for more than a decade, supporting them with annual evaluations and data analyses. We are pleased that all of our evaluation clients with ongoing funding chose to renew with us this year!

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Grant Evaluations

k-12 educational grant evaluations